The Dulwich Estate

Accounts for payment

There are four ways in which to settle accounts due to the Estate by:

  1. Direct Debit (the preferred method) – funds are taken automatically from your nominated bank account on the date shown on the Account for Payment;
  2. Cheque - you do not need to send this to us: please present your cheque together with the Account for Payment at your bank . The bank giro credit slip will be detached and the top part of the Account for Payment stamped, dated and initialled by the bank’s staff and returned to you. You can then retain this as receipt of your payment.
    However, if you require a receipt from us, please forward the Account for Payment and cheque, together with a stamped , self-addressed envelope , to our office;
  3. Debit (not credit) Card , either in person at the Estate Office or by telephone 020 8299 5606/ 5605 or 5603;
  4. Electronic banking - please see the instructions on the reverse of your Account for Payment and note that you must quote the following:

    Sort code: 20-66-69 Account no: 30364207 and the reference.


The Charities’ financial statements

A copy of the appropriate charity’s annual report and accounts can be downloaded by clicking on the charity’s name, above – to the left.

The Scheme of Management

A copy of the Scheme of Management accounts can be downloaded by clicking here

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Download document in PDF format Scheme of Management Accounts 31 March 2017 (PDF 849kb)