The Dulwich Estate

FAQs - General

What is The Dulwich Estate?

The Dulwich Estate is a registered charity - see About The Dulwich Estate and has a defined list of Beneficiaries.

Can the Estate, as a charity, make grants?

No. Only those Beneficiaries listed in The Dulwich Estate's Scheme approved by the Charity Commission can benefit.

Is the Estate connected with Dulwich College?

Dulwich College is one of the Beneficiaries of the Charity. This School is not part of the Estate but is a separate charity with its own Board of Governors.

Who are the Trustees?

See The Trustees.

How do I contact the Trustees?

By letter, addressed care of The Dulwich Estate Office — see Complaints.

Do you have any residential property available to rent?

Please contact Pedder Residential Lettings — see Rental.

Do you have any commercial property available to rent?

Any vacancy is listed under Vacant Properties.

How can I get a Tollgate pass?

Please refer to Tollgate Passes (Tags).

What is the Scheme of Management Charge for?

The Charge is to recover the costs of running the Scheme — see Scheme Charge.

What are the times of the services held in the Chapel?

These are shown on St Barnabas Parish website:

How do I apply for a flat in the Almshouses?

See Edward Alleyn House.