The Dulwich Estate


The majority of the leases of residential property granted by The Dulwich Estate provide that the Estate must effect building insurance cover. Currently, properties are insured under a block policy with Aviva. Lessees should arrange their own contents insurance.

The sums insured are regularly updated to reflect the current rebuilding cost of the property, and cover is arranged, through a broker, with an appropriate reputable insurance company.

Each March lessees are provided with full details of the insurance cover for the year, which runs from 1 March and their share of the premiums.

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Property Damage Claims Procedures:

Notify your claim immediately or as soon as practicable in all instances by emailing your nominated Loss Adjuster, Woodgate & Clark: or Telephoning 01732 520 255
and quoting the Policy Number (23982400CHC-123) and your Certificate Number or Risk Address.

All large loss claims (£25,000+) should be notified to Woodgate & Clark and The Dulwich Estate (020 8299 1000) as soon as possible.

What to do:

  • Source two quotations from reputable contractors and include within notification or provide subsequently.
  • Provide photographs of the damage and include within notification or provide subsequently.
  • Provide contact details of a person with whom a field adjuster can arrange an inspection as this may be necessary.

What to expect:
If further information is required or a site inspection deemed necessary, you will be contacted to discuss further.

  • The loss adjuster will require details of any anticipated loss of rent or business interruption.
  • Details need to be provided of the parties involved in the claim and who needs to be kept informed of developments.

Tips for successful and speedy claims resolution:
Undertake emergency works required to make safe or water tight in order to mitigate further loss or damage.

  • Subsidence or roof damage should be reported directly to the loss adjuster for their consideration before any permanent repairs are carried out irrespective of anticipated value.
  • Fire claims may be subject to a forensic investigation, always check with the loss adjuster before clearing the property otherwise vital evidence could be destroyed.
  • Theft or malicious damage claims must be reported to the Police and a crime reference obtained.
  • If damage is caused by another party, include their details (name, address, telephone number) and vehicle registration/witness details if appropriate.


Download document in PDF format Insurance Claims Procedure 2017 (PDF 129kb)